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It may cost a lot less than you think.

dDSC_5148Be Perfect and owners Catterick 2019Owning a race horse can be the most exciting and  enjoyable experience. Ask anybody who is an owner and they will tell you that having a winning racehorse is one of life's greatest thrills. But racehorse ownership can also require patience and involve frustration and disappointment. There is never any guarantee that even the most expensive horse will succeed and racehorses just like any professional sports player can suffer from injuries or setbacks. For most owners however the pleasure and excitement outweigh the expense and potential disappointment and they become addicted to the racing buzz. 

There are many ways to own a racehorse. You can have full ownership of the horse. Joint ownership is where two or more people can decide their share of the ownership. Racing Clubs and Synicates have become an affordable way to get involved in ownership.  
Click here to find out about shares available in horses at Mowbray House.   An excellent website to find out all you need to know about racehorse ownership is British Horseracing Authority.

Racehorse Owners VAT Scheme/Sponsorship

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Owner Sponsorship provides the foundations upon which the VAT Scheme for racehorse owners is built. The income received from sponsorship allows owners to reclaim VAT on their racing expenses - including training fees, transport costs, veterinary fees, jockeys fees and even overnight stays when travelling to watch your horse run. At Mowbray House Farm we are currently looking for a yard sponsor after our latest deal came to an end, when we have another sponsor in place all we need to do is put your horse on the list and you can start reclaiming the VAT straight away. For more details on the sponsorship go to British Horseracing Authority and download the Racehorse Owners' Sponsorship Code of Conduct produced by the British Horseracing Authority to help you ensure that you comply with all the requirements laid out by Customs and Excise. 

Training Fees

Training costs about £280 a week. Extras are farrier, vet, dentist, physio, supplements, transport and staff expenses away from the yard.  Email Ruth at [email protected] to be sent an up to date "Prospective Owners Price Guide".

Racehorse Owners Association  

The ROA promotes and protect the interests of over 7,500 racehorse owners, and we strongly recommend our owners to join.

 It  makes sense to become members of the ROA due to the benefits and discounts which are on offer.

The extensive package of benefits more than pays for itself (£230 a year), and includes:

 ·         Free racecourse admission

·         SIS owner-sponsorship scheme
owner and breeder

·         Priority owners car parking label

·         Third party liability insurance

·         20% discount on most BHA registration fees

.         Free Owner and Breeder Magazine

 ROA members also have the opportunity to win a bonus of £2,000 on top of prize-money in our weekly ROA Owners Jackpot races.

To find out more visit the ROA website at https://www.roa.co.uk/

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